Welcome to the Love & Indulgence site!

Here at Love & Indulgence we are focused on providing only the best of the best in Adult Products, making your purchasing decisions a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

This site was created after I become single myself, following many, many years of marriage. I was feeling curious about the phenomenon created by the 'Fifty Shades of Grey’ books.

While standing in a book store at an airport last year, I was asked by a group of middle-aged men and women, just a touch older than me, whether I had read the books. I replied ‘yes’ and when asked what I thought about them, my response was: “If your libido has gone to sleep, they're perfect!” Let's just say they all grabbed the books!

So that got me thinking….

Now, I have been in sex shops a few times, but never for myself, so off I went to one of the largest Adult Stores in Melbourne to ask the question: “What’s been selling since the books came out?”

A lovely lady walked me around, showing me different products. I asked a few times: "What's that and where do you put it?" when looking at various items in the store. Now there were a lot of products that, quite frankly, made me feel uncomfortable or gave me visions that while in use, they would break - or flakes of the metallic material on the outside would come off! 

Not happy with this, my research began. I wanted to create a site with an atmosphere that would:

  • Make people feel comfortable
  • Be discreet
  • Offered sex education
  • Be user-friendly
  • Cater for the more mature age group

Love & Indulgence was born!

So, all you men and women out there, know that here at Love & Indulgence, we are only offering the best in the industry quality-assured products. We have scaled down the number of products available on our site, as seriously, how many options do you need when buying a rabbit massager?

Please note, this site may not be suitable for everyone, as we do not promote products for S&M.

We are focused on fostering intimacy, communication and trust between couples (let's save a few of those marriages) and have made sure we also cater for those single men and women.

We hope you enjoy the products and we recommend you sign up for the Hints & Tips and great informative pieces in our newsletters.