Why would I

We have heard many comments from people about adult products, such as:

"It's not my thing"
"I'm not into that"
"That's for younger people"
"That's for people into lots of sex"

Well, we understand that this whole topic can be uncomfortable for some, or embarrassing for others, but what we do know is the empowerment created by letting go, getting better educated and enjoying better sex can be liberating!

Until a few months ago, I can say that I could personally relate to some of the statements above. I had been into sex shops, but found the whole experience quite confronting; I often had no idea what I was looking at and, quite frankly, was shocked at the size of some of the items!

Did you know that while 85% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, only 40% of Australian women own an 'Intimate Lifestyle Product' or what you and I would commonly call a vibrator?

Here at Love & Indulgence, we have put together a list of statements and answers that will hopefully ease your mind on this matter. Remember, we have collated the best products in the industry, removing any confusion on what to buy and will be regularly posting articles covering every topic to educate you all better and remove any 'taboos'!

From the Love & Indulgence team


Buying toys is embarrasing. Visually they make me feel uncomfortable and look rude.

Personally, I never went into sex shops for precisely the same reason. Here at Love & Indulgence, we have designed our site and product range to remove intimidation by only putting the best quality products on display and keeping it simple.

The products selected are not only visually appealing, but each piece is discreetly designed and looks more like a piece of art. If it fell out of your handbag, no-one would know what it was!

I have no idea what I should get, what's good quality and what to pay.

All products on our site are individually selected to make sure you have only the highest quality material, that they are the best products in the market at any given time, are highly recommended within the industry and are never priced over the recommended retail price.

Aren't sex toys just for masturbation?

It is true that most people use these toys for masturbation. However, there is also a large range of toys for couples, designed to be used both separately and together, enhancing the experience for both people. With studies showing 85% of women are unable to reach orgasm without clitoral stimulation, these products are great aides to assist in the pleasure of BOTH partners.

Are they physically dangerous?

No. They can actually have a positive effect on your sexual health. Our Lelo Luna Beads are 90% designed for medical purposes, to help you to do your Kegel exercises strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. They not only increase the strength of orgasms, but also assist women who have:

    • Given birth
    • Developed incontinence issues
    • Reached menopause

Vibrators, on the other hand, can not only assist with achieving orgasm, but also help those who have suffered from painful sex.

I and/or my partner are scared of feeling pleasure.

Why? Everyone has the right to feel pleasure and achieve orgasms. Studies show orgasms help you:

    • De-stress
    • Block out pain
    • Live longer

Personally, I have found that having sex and enjoying orgasms have both assisted in my youthful appearance, as well as being a wonderful weight loss exercise. It’s a great release of endorphins and hormones. Have fun and stay fit at the same time!

I have a healthy sexual relationship, so why do I need a toy?

That was my sentiment exactly; however, why would you not want to increase your pleasure and make your relationship even stronger by trying something new? The easiest way to approach it is to talk to your partner, explaining you "don’t need it" but "you would like to try it". All products provided by our company are not chosen to emasculate anyone, but to improve relationships.

Won’t using a sex toy make me ‘weird’ or put a negative vibe on my relationship?

Relationships are built on communication and trust. You are not weird for wanting to experience a different pleasure and if you communicate with love and honesty that you would simply like to experience something new, then it will help alleviate any possible negative vibe.

Won’t I make my partner feel incompetent if I introduce a sex toy?

Only about 30% of women experience an orgasm during sex! Most women need clitoral stimulation, so introducing a sex toy into your relationship can actually have the opposite effect. Won’t your partner feel elated to see you finally achieve an orgasm with the help of him and the sex toy? Make sure you communicate well with your partner to explain that a toy will never replace them, but offer a different experience and keep your marriage or relationship alive.

If I use toys too much, will it stop me from enjoying sex with my partner?

Sex toys are not designed to replace people, just to improve the experience. Make sure you communicate that you want to vary your sex life and include the toys in your different experiences. Just remember a toy cannot kiss you, spoon you in bed or give you a cuddle - and it definitely can’t put out the rubbish or do your dishes! 

I am a respectable person and we don’t use sex toys.

I have found that those people I least expected to use sex toys actually do so! The bottom line is, toys are there to increase your pleasure, help you achieve orgasms, experience new techniques, increase communication and improve levels of trust with your partner, make your sex life better and to have fun!

Don’t forget, studies out there show that sex makes your smarter!

That’s right, research shows sex increases self-esteem, acts as a stress relief, makes you a better critical thinker, increases capacity of memory and acts as a pain relief. This is just sex alone. Wait until we talk about how the chemicals released during orgasm can make you smarter!!